Should You Hire an Attorney to Handle Your Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeal?

If you are a residential or commercial property owner of a property located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, you should have received a Preliminary Assessment Notice in late February, 2012.  That Notice, along with other information, provided you with the new, preliminary assessed value for your property anticipated to be effective for the 2013 tax year.

For property owners who were dissatisfied with the revaluation of their property, there was an informal appeals process.  Whether or not you participated in the informal appeals process, you may still file an appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals, provided, however, that the Board of Assessment Appeals will accept appeals on the 2013 assessments only if filed within forty (40) days from the mailing date printed on the top of the “Final Notice of Property Assessment,” which you may already have received.

Filing an appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals, requires that you, among other things, file the Lehigh County 2013 Assessment Appeals form.  You must also submit, at least ten (10) days prior to your scheduled hearing date, five (5) copies of an appraisal report for your property prepared by a PA State Certified Appraiser or Broker within the last twelve (12) months from the mailing date on your “Final Notice of Property Assessment.”

Navigating the requirements for a successful real estate tax assessment appeal can be challenging, and there are many potential pitfalls.  An experienced real estate attorney can help you understand and deal with this complex process.  The attorney can also represent you at your hearing before the Board of Assessment Appeals.

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